• Scott Bleackley

    Scott Bleackley

    Social Implications Of Emerging Technologies. People, Communities, Resilience in Complex Systems, Deep Learning, Apple iOS & OSX & Individual & Business.

  • Peter Azak

    Peter Azak

    Nisga'a geek; lover of technology, music, movies, t-shirts, tea, watches, long walks on the beach, and being awesome; aspiring music producer, poet and writer.

  • The Real Todd Allen

    The Real Todd Allen

    Are you weary of people lamely trying to sound profound and deep in their Twitter description?

  • Glenn AWB

    Glenn AWB

    A Citizen of the Planet! Teleco Engineering Student.

  • Davis Ray Sickmon Jr

    Davis Ray Sickmon Jr

    Writer, developer, business guy, and now, back to being a game developer again :-)

  • Afrah M

    Afrah M

    Aspiring novelist and coffee lover.

  • Allison E. Kaese

    Allison E. Kaese

  • Roars D. Lalonde

    Roars D. Lalonde

    dangerous gender magic

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